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What's Hot, Hip Or Cool in Hollywood & Beyond.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Please send ReCIPES & IDeas... and then we will vote on the best possible dessert for XMAS this year..

Monday, December 12, 2005

Desperate Housewives - Prescription Expires for 'Housewives' Star interviews Roger Bart, whose "Desperate Housewives" character recently committed suicide.

Airing Mondays at 8 p.m. This will be 7th Heaven's last season.

  • Episode 10.11 - Xmas [Airing December 12]:
    • Much to the disapointment of one senior citizen, Santa Eric is married. Sandy confronts Rose over what she told the twins; Annie demonstrates patience. Eric, Kevin and Savannah spoil each other's surprise. Ruthie reunites with Katelyn. Lucy volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. Eric makes hospital calls.
      • Wasn't As Great As I Expected it To Be... Considering they are in their final season... I expected to see all the Camden Clan
  • Episode 10.12 - Got MLK?:
    • Ruthie recycles her report. Eric catches her. One student's, Alex, passion for Martin Luther King Jr is a week late. The teacher demands all students redo their reports on African American luminaries because of his refusal to yield. Alex cites his grandfather's recent death in Hurricane Katrina as one reason for his determination. Martin is the victim of a hate crime.
  • Episode 10.13 - And Baby Makes Three
    • A wary Martin suspects Eric played a role in his scholarship offer. Rose and Simon bicker while Sandy is wheeled into the ER.
  • Episode 10.14 - Title Unknown
  • Episode 10.15 - Title Unknown:
    • Martin, Alex (from the previous episode), Lucy and Eric unite in a fundraiser. Martin and Alex clean off the hateful message from Martin's car together. "

People Who F*CK With Your Mind...

Is anyone on the internet who they say they are?

I mean celebrities, rock bands
you know about their lives
cause they are so popular
and everyone wants
a piece of the

But I am talking about regular people...
The old, the young, the innocent,
he pure, the evil, the soldiers,

the people you meet on the internet -
especially when you aren't looking for love,
just trying to make friends, to make your life more complete....

I don't want to know somebody
who can't tell me who they really are, do you?

Wouldn't it be nice to talk to someone
and have them be honest with you?

I am honest to a fault! I don't know how to lie...
That sometimes makes me out to be the fool,
but I have said a hundred times or more...

I would rather be hated for who I am,
Then Loved for someone who I'm not.


Interview with Corey Martin a.k.a YOUNG CO.

  • Would you take a moment in the beginning to just introduce yourself; the man behind the music?
    • Im YOUNG CO, an Entertainment Entrepenuer
  • Is this the 1st album? How has it been received by fans?
    • Yes this is the first album, I’m handing out compilation discs now to show case my music.
  • What are you hoping to accomplish with this interview, and with your site online? We are getting out the basics, how would you like to be promoted?.
    • I would like to be promoted by people knowing I have a gift for what I do; I want them to say, I love his music.
  • Do you have any tour dates planned? Have you been playing in clubs, if so: where & which ones?
    • I’m starting a “ EARLY IN THE GAME” TOUR in January Overseas; Country, cities and dates to be announced on my web page,
  • How bout playing at fairs or festivals? They Have Them All Over The Country.. Would you be interested in something like that?
    • Always, I would do one in an heartbeat.
  • Are you more interested in promoting yourself , or promoting other artists?
    • As CEO, I’m starting off by promoting my self and other at the same by having songs featuring new artists with new albums to e released.
  • What is the secret to a performance that the fans enjoy and you feel good about?
    • You gotta entertain them!
  • When you are writing a new song do you start with a melody line, a lyric or how does the process typically flow for you?
    • I start with the beat, and that tells me everything I need to know.
  • Do you carry a recorder with you on outings, so in case a really good lyric comes to mind you can be sure you have it down right
    • No, really if a good line hits me, I’ll write it down on a napkin as long as I got it.
  • Speaking of songs ... Is there one song that you are particularly proud of that you can share a bit of the history with us? Where it came from and why it is so special to you?
    • What’s happening; that’s a special song because my favorite producer came in and did the track, Terelle Norris, and the song explains wht’s happening with me at a certain time and point.
  • What advice do you give to those individuals that are looking to break into the music industry?
    • Stay focused
  • Do you believe the internet is a valid tool for existing artists or new bands?
    • Yes I do
  • With all of the activities you are engaged in professionally what interests do you have out side of the music. What do you do to "Strike a Balance" in life?
    • Go home and socialize with family. No one loves you like family.
  • What are some of your goals you would like to accomplish in the years to come? Any artists you would like to work with?
    • Definitely Lil’ Wayne, but as of now, I’m working with a lot of ndependent artists.
  • Would you be angry if kids downloaded and shared your music without paying for it, or would that just be a way to get known... everytime a kid downloads your music and lets a friend hear it, that is one or more new fans - is that how you feel?
    • I see it as new fans
  • Your in the Navy, did you choose that as a career before or after you started in the music industry?
    • After I started in the music industry.�
  • I remember growing up and copying albums and songs of the radio on cassettes all the time... it wasn't illegal then, why should it be illegal now?
    • Because artists deserve the right to be paid for the talent they posess.

Yahoo! Entertainment -

Actor, Friend Face Charges in Police Death

An actor who once played an aspiring mobster on 'The Sopranos' faces murder charges along with another man in the death of an off-duty police officer, authorities said Sunday.

Bad taste triumphs in 'The Producers' movie

Bad taste triumphs again as dancing Nazis, randy old ladies, flamboyant gays and a Swedish bombshell frolic in Mel Brooks' mad world of two scheming Jewish theatrical impresarios in the new musical film version of "The Producers."

'Narnia,' 'Syriana' Knock Out Boy Wizard

Another fantasy world has joined Hollywood's instant-blockbuster club. Disney's 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' adapted from C.S. Lewis' tale of enchantment, epic battles and talking animals debuted as the weekend's top movie with $67.1 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

Paramount Buying Film Studio DreamWorks

Paramount Pictures on Sunday agreed to buy independent film studio DreamWorks SKG Inc. for nearly $1 billion cash in a deal designed to help both companies reverse their troubled fortunes.

Prisoner of love: 'Saw II' DVD due February 14

A gruesome horror pic will join the sea of romantic comedy DVDs due out on Valentine's Day.

Garth & Trisha Tie The Knot

Garth Brooks is ropin' in a new missus.

Bang Squad Entertainment


Look for YOUNG CO's first album, "EARLY IN THE GAME" to be dropped in the fall of '05; Feat. the new single " What's Happening" - Click the link and you will come to the place where you can buy the album and/or listen to a snippit of this great new song.

Jamiroquai - New Groove 12/13/05

Having a social conscience while getting your groove on is much easier when Jamiroquai is in the mix. Come together during this holiday season with "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance."

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Top 40 Countdown Pop Music 12/9

This post will be updated regulary...
so bookmark it and come back each week...

If you wish to see the list yourself,
check out Top40Countdown.

40 30 Boyfriend Ashlee Simpson
39 40 Stars Switchfoot
NEW - Catch Your Wave Click Five
37 36 Girl Next Door Saving Jane
NEW - There It Go (The Whistle Song) Juelz Santana
35 38 One Wish Ray J
34 35 Crawling Back To You Backstreet Boys
33 32 Don't Lie Black Eyed Peas
32 34 Who I Am Hates Who I've Been Relient K
31 27 More Than Words Frankie J
30 33 Stay Fly Three 6 Mafia
29 29 Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield
28 28 Here We Go Trina f/Kelly Rowland
27 31 Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy
26 23 Like You Bow Wow f/Ciara
25 26 Don't Bother Shakira
24 25 Heard 'Em Say Kanye West f/Adam Levine
23 21 Your Body Pretty Ricky 20
22 15 Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day
21 24 Laffy Taffy D4L
20 19 Shake It Off (6 weeks @#1) Mariah Carey
19 22 I'm Sprung T-Pain
18 13 Beverly Hills Weezer 15
17 14 You And Me Lifehouse
16 17 Hung Up Madonna
15 18 When I'm Gone Eminem
14 20 If It's Lovin' That You Want Rihanna
13 12 Dirty Little Secret All-American Rejects
12 16 Check On It Beyonce' f/Slim Thug
11 11 Soul Survior Young Jeezy f/Akon
10 10 Luxurious Gwen Stefani
9 9 We Be Burnin' Sean Paul
8 7 My Humps Black Eyed Peas
7 6 Sugar, We're Goin' Down Fall Out Boy
6 8 Don't Forget About Us Mariah Carey
5 3 Gold Digger (2 weeks @#1) Kanye West 3
4 5 Stickwitu Pussycat Dolls
3 4 Photograph Nickelback
2 2 Because Of You (3 weeks @#1) Kelly Clarkson
1 1 Run It (2 weeks @#1) Chris Brown f/Juelz Santana

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Top 40 Countdown Country Music - 12/9

Position Last Week



NEW - Tonight I Wanna Cry Keith Urban
39 39 I Don't Danielle Peck
38 22 Probably Wouldn't Be This Way LeAnn Rimes
37 37 Drunker Than Me Trent Tomlinson
36 29 Redneck Yacht Club (1 Week @ #1) Craig Morgan
NEW - Wherever You Are James Ingram
34 36 Cheatin' Sara Evans
33 34 Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do Van Zant
32 33 The Dollar Jamey Johnson
31 35 Kerosene Miranda Lambert
30 25 USA Today Alan Jackson
29 31 Nobody But Me Blake Shelton
28 32 Believe Brooks & Dunn
27 18 Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Neal McCoy
26 28 She Didn't Have Time Terri Clark
25 27 I Don't Feel Like Lovin' You Today Gretchen Wilson
24 26 Your Man Josh Turner
23 24 XXL Keith Anderson
22 23 Comin' To Your Town Big & Rich
21 30 She Don't Tell Me To Montgomery Gentry
20 21 When I Get Where I'm Going Brad Paisley f/Dolly Parton
19 20 Rose Garden Martina McBride
18 19 Just Might (Make Me Believe) Sugarland
17 17 Miss Me Baby Chris Cagle
16 16 My Old Friend Tim McGraw
15 11 You're Like Coming Home Lonestar
14 15 Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Trace Adkins
13 7 Skin (Sarabeth) Rascal Flatts
12 13 Boondocks Little Big Town
11 14 Jesus Take The Wheel Carrie Underwood
10 12 Like We Never Loved At All Faith Hill
9 4 Better Life (5 Weeks @ #1) Keith Urban
8 8 Best I Ever Had Gary Allan
7 9 She Let Herself Go George Strait
6 10 Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right Billy Currington
5 6 Big Blue Note Toby Keith
4 5 Good Ride Cowboy Garth Brooks
3 3 Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Joe Nichols
2 2 Who You'd Be Today Kenny Chesney
1 1 Come A Little Closer (2 Weeks @ #1) Dierks Bentley


I am looking for someone, anyone to help me...

Can you update my blog monthly?

I am a good person who got mixed up in something in illegal... and then violated my probation - and now I am forced to go to jail... When I accepted the plea bargain of 1 yr suspended after 3 years probation - I knew then - I would be coming to jail eventually... 3 years probation is a long time to be looking over your shoulder wondering if things that are just stupid for some - will land me back in jail... and that is what happened...

I was clean for 8 months... then one day - the urge to use seemed unbearable... I was having anxiety attacks for 2 days, prior to giving in and using... when I did use; out-of-the-blue my probation officer, WHOM I HAD NEVER SEEN OUTSIDE HIS OFFICE... EVER!!!

Showed up at my house... It was a Monday Night, about 7pm... I was due to see him in his office 2 weeks later... but he knocked on the door; and brought with him another probation officer and 2 under-cover drug task-force guys... when my dad answered the door, he was in shock!!! He knew what I was doing, in my room... but didn't bother to tell me probation & police where coming down the hallway... I would of swallowed what was left, and and crushed the paraphenalia on the floor... but no - when he said someone was visiting me - I thought it was just another one of my drug addict friends... but it wasn't.

They caught me red-handed... and they didn't believe I had been clean all those months... but I had, I really had... then just recently I when I found out I will go to jail - even if I am clean... even if I stop using for good, even if I go inpatient - when I get out of inpatient; I would still go to jail... well I got the FUCK-ITS! I don't care anymore... If I want to do drugs, I will do them... If I want to go to NYC I will go... If I want to stay out past my curfew I will...

cause being good and doing things right, don't matter when it comes to me and my life... They caught me with a 20 piece... and I am facing as much jail time as the dealer would... I am facing 18 months (no early release), with probation afterwards... I am a misfit in the system... and I am stuck in a revolving door, with no way out...

so I am asking, begging: anyone, someone - can you update my blog at least once a month? I don't want my blogs to disappear... they are really good... and alot of people visit them... so please if you can find it in your heart to do this small thing for me, while I am away - I would greatly appreciate it.

I don't go til February, but it would be nice to get to know the person who will be taking over for me... before then...


Monday, December 05, 2005 Celebrities: 'Big' in 2005! Celebrities: 'Big' in 2005!: "Big' in 2005!

December 5, 2005

Who had the most impact in '05? Lots of people -- but the one who made the most impact on the VH1's 'Big in '05 Awards' red carpet was JESSICA SIMPSON Saturday night, as she faced reporters for the first time since her split from NICK LACHEY. Jessica did walk the press line, but breezed by reporters and gave no interviews.

Meanwhile, KATHY GRIFFIN shared her thoughts with us on the breaking news that BRAD PITT is adopting ANGELINA JOLIE's two kids: 'I think it's weird, and wonderful.' And what kind of dad does she think Brad will be? 'I'm sure Brad will be a good dad. I don't know, I only met him one time. He did bounce me on his knee, so he'll probably be a really good dad.'

We asked paparazzi favorite LINDSAY LOHAN, who went from redhead to blonde to brunette and made big headlines this year, 'Is it true that blondes have more fun?' The 19-year-old teen idol said, 'I don't know if it's neccessarily a good fun that they have more fun of. I like my hair dark. It's gonna be dark for a bit, I'll probably go back to red for my next film.'

Lindsay was given the prize for Big 'It' Girl, beating out PARIS HILTON, NICOLE RICHIE and KRISTIN CAVALLARI. 'Because being Big in '05 means getting in three car crashes in one year, people!' she joke"

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Who's The Hottest?

Then Come and Let Us know Who Is Your Fave Hot Star!!!
Mine is Faith Hill -
Click Here
for more on Faith Hill

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just The Latest Jossip...

  • It ain't wacko tobacco that Jacko's using. The latest Michael Jackson merry-go-round of rumors include his use of cocaine and Demerol (traces of which were found on his underwear) and that he's having drugs illegally flown to him in Bahrain. The Jesus Juice, however, he makes from local vineyards. [The Sun]
  • Long Island body armor mogul David Brooks may have thrown the bat mitzvah of a lifetime for his 13-year-old daughter, – wrangling acts from Aerosmith and 50 Cent to Kenny G and Tom Petty (see pictures) – but federal investigators want to know where he's getting all that cash. The lavish papa is under SEC investigation for some curiously timed stock sales. [Fox 411]
  • British soulstress Joss Stone, more interested in selling records and landing Gap ads, agreed with her management that continuing to date boyfriend of two years Beau Dozier, a music producer, wasn't wise for her career. So she dumped him. [R&M]
  • So upset was Anna Wintour over the phallic holiday decorations strewn about by Conde Nast's in-house decorating squad (we made that up) that she had them pulled. Now she's demanding a custom display, which will include a "tastefully trimmed tree" and a pillowcase full of coal for her chair. [WWD]
  • Heath Ledger was much to busy to attend last night's Brokeback Mountain premiere in Hollywood, leaving Jake Gyllenhaal all to himself to field the gay! gay! gay! question. Heath, after all, was in Brooklyn, taking care of his pea-sized daughter. And window shopping. [OAN & NYO]
  • That sigh of relief you hear is coming from the Great White Way, after learning the talent-challenged Spears-Federlines won't be starring in Sweet Charity after all. [The Insider]
  • Four decades after Gregory Peck's star was placed in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it's gone missing. Somebody cut it out of the sidewalk and ran off with it earlier this month, inexplicably leaving behind Ryan Seacrest's. [AP]
Julia Roberts remains the most demanding actress in Hollywood — by paycheck, that is. Hollywood Reporter's annual ranking puts the Ocean Twelve lady in the lead once again, with a per-picture asking price of $20 million.

People Named Julia Roberts Top Female Star

What lucky megabucks movie stars follow?
  • Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore: $15 million
  • 5, 6 & 7. Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz: $10 to $15 million
  • Jodie Foster: $10 to $12 million
  • Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston: $9 million

Well, at least they got one lesbian on the list. But inexplicably, neither Tara Reid nor Jessica Simpson made the list.

Bennifer 2.0: Well caffeinated, well compensated

Back in June, aspiring New York blogger Cityrag uncovered one of Hollywood's darkest secrets: celebrities love their Starbucks. From Britney/K-Fed and Nick/Jessica to Nicole Richie/DJ AM and Mary-Kate/Ashley, the frappacinos were in high season.

But nobody loves their venti non-fat no whip lattes with a shot of sugarfree vanilla like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Normally we'd suggest the mom-to-be lay off the caffeinated beverages but, well, she can't. Rumor has it she's under contract to keep the cups coming.

In an item we finally enjoyed reading in his column, Lloyd Grove uncovers what's estimated to be a seven-figure endorsement deal between Bennifer 2.0 and the coffee giant. For the Hollywooders to get their cash, they need only flash a grande pumpkin spice in front of eager paparazzi at every opportunity.

Suspiciously (or, you know, not), both Starbucks and Ben's supra-rep Ken Sunshine deny any such deal is in place. *$ might pay for product placement in movies, but no way do they pay individual stars to tout their goods. We're assuming that goes for the willingly quoted obnoxious talking heads like Moby, Andy Roddick, Al Franken and Melissa Etheridge.

Any grounds to Ben/Jen java story? [Lowdown]
Related: Celebs love their Starbucks"

More Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner


A gay Jewish New Yorker walks into a blog ..

A gay Jewish New Yorker walks into a blog ..

More Blogs, GLBT

Anytime of year is perfect for listicles, but as we approach December and the hotbed of the holiday season, keep this in mind: it's about to get worse, and it'll be more than Cargo delivering the excuses for content.

That said, we love listicles. What better way to generate readership with so little effort, which explains why we latched on to this one shared by one really gay, really Jewish, really New York New Yorker.

Given as much, please forgive us for the gay, Jewish and New York overtones.

The top ten ways you know you are deep-seated and have a one-way ticket to some level of Dante's Inferno:

1. You're in recovery for the third time.
2. You recognize clothing from last season, even when it's black.
3. You're convinced that every hot male actor is a closeted homosexual.
4. Despite an above average IQ, the first thing you read in the morning is PAGE SIX; you know Pagesix what Page Six is.
5. You're contemptuous of every fag who walks up and down 8th Avenue on a regular basis, even though you walk up and down 8th Avenue on a regular basis.
6. You know that Hiro is only on late Sunday nights.
7. You had sex with almost all of your male friends.
8. You're friends with at least one person who has topped Anderson Cooper.
9. You're over 30 and still know the names of the hot DJs and the nights they are spinning and where.
10. You swallow, even when not ordered to do so.

If we knew it took so much effort to be gay (and Jewish, in New York), we would've seriously reconsidered adopting this lifestyle.

Deep-Seated or Transitory? (Proceed At Your Own Risk)

I Would Rather Be Hated 4 Who I Am,
Then Loved For Who I Am Not.

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